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With more than 1700 Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) and 1 Lakh+ Financial Advisors in India, trying to serve investor in planning out their Financial Goals, satisfactorily. This takes lots of time and effort along with bunch of documentation, compliance and R&D works as an individual/professional. Thus, requires personnel to do administrative work or someone who understands their work efficiently and ready to do it effectively on time. So, that their philosophy of Client-First focus wouldn’t get disturbed.

Furthermore, the cost of hiring and retaining such personnel for long-term are expensive or sometimes, even not easily available due to insufficient qualification, experience or re-location issues. To overcome all such issues and the problem of getting the right candidates, we at Investiture brings up the outsourcing solution called VIRTUAL PARA-PLANNER.

Virtual Paraplanning, is not a new-term or concept, it is very popular in the countries like Australia, US, UK and in other Asian & European Countries. Employing the services of a Virtual Paraplanner gives financial advisers the ability to outsource their Paraplanning needs to a highly experience Paraplanning Professional that specializes in the preparation of

  1. Letter of Engagement
  2. Client’s Query Handling
  3. Mutual Fund Research Report
  4. Equity Research Report (On Both Fundamental & Technical Analysis) 
  5. Portfolio Construction Report
  6. Financial Plan Creation or Statement of Advice (SOA) 
  7. Reviewing Clients Progress

And many other Financial Planning Services

which can help a Financial Planner/Advisor to focus more on Clients and to their Long-term Goals. Also, at almost half of the cost as compared to employ a Paraplanner/Investment Associate in-house.

A Virtual Paraplanner is often a highly experienced Paraplanner/Self-Employed/Freelancer Professional/Person passionate to make career in Financial Advisory i.e. who has decided to interchange from a traditional in office Paraplanning role –

To a work from either a home office or within a contract Paraplanning firm.

Virtual Paraplanner is like a Professional Paraplanners to help you as a virtual assistant so that you can focus more on the client and grow your advisory business exponentially.

We Transform Your Vision into Creative Results

Researching of Financial Instruments, Creative Content Marketing, Personalized Financial Plan Creation and other Back-End work needs & requires efficient professional manpower. And hiring one in-house includes cost. Thus, we try to resolve all such issues through our Virtual Paraplanner. Read our FAQs to know more.

Virtual Paraplanning FAQs
Experienced Virtual Paraplanner


Appoint Experienced Paraplanner at almost half the in-house cost.

Research Reports

Sending Personalized report to clients becomes easy.

Client Database

Managing & Reviewing of Client Database.

Portfolio Construction Report

Constructing and Re-balancing of Client Portfolio Reports

Personal Paraplanner
Hours Daily
>= %
Reduced Cost

Our Team

Mr. Sanchit Taksali, CFP

Having more than 5 years of experience in Financial Modelling, Equity Research (both Technically and Fundamentally), Compliance, Coaching, and Advisory.