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October 09, 2019

Does Nifty is really oversold?

With rising global concern and economic slowdown in the Indian Economy. Nifty doesn’t showing any sign of Bullish trend …
In short-term,
with continuous 6 days fall in the Nifty a Small short-covering occurs. Making it more cautious for coming days.
With Shorting at the levels of 11265-270, for the Target of 11020-11000 with SL range of 11410-11425.
Be Cautious with each trade.

Does Nifty is really Oversold? by sanchittak on

September 29, 2019

Be Cautious

Yes Bank the real wealth Destroyer which comes into effect after the corporate governance and NPA issues.
With its mediocre June Quarter Performance stock is all set to make a low.
On Friday, Yes Bank enters below the Half-century zone. The Diamond has started losing its fade. Here’s what the technical has to say..
At the current levels of 48-49. Yes Bank has coming down to its multi-year Support range of 40-43. Below that if it will lead to the crash down to the levels of 20-18 levels (where it has started it journey of bull).
On the Resistance: 58 & 74 plays the road block to its high.
Fundamentally drowning stock looks attractive but management issues leading a bear ride.

Is it Yes Bank at Multi-Support Range? by sanchit005 on

September 23, 2019

New Levels of Nifty

Bulls can be a hoax by sanchit005 on

September 13, 2019

Market has been extremely volatile. And predictions can be wrong if the analysis is not there. With every Up and Down Move — Entry and Exit Point is important.
With the Rising Retail Inflation Rate and Slowdown in Indian Economy the expectation of considering that market will make top is worthless. Until any specific signal come across.
On technical Front. One can Short NIFTYat between the levels of
10940-10900 with the targets of 10725-10680
With an SL of it recent High at 11065-11083.

SHORTING Opportunity in NIFTY? by sanchit005 on

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