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We understand your concern, when it comes to Financial Planning.

That’s why we have created a customer-friendly structure, where every selection guides you to the path of Financial Freedom. We are Available on weekdays to chat/resolve any of your doubts related either to our services or Financial Planning. Feel Free to Ask.

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  • Like a Doctor - Patient Consulting
  • Personalized Doubt Solving Session - 30 Min/2 Mails
  • Risk Profile Analysis
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  • Personalized Doubt Solving Session (Whenever Needed)
  • Risk Profile Analysis
  • Goal Planning Analysis
  • Insurance Planning & Analysis
  • Investment Portfolio Planning & Analysis
  • Retirement Planning & Analysis
  • Tax Planning & Analysis
  • Implementation Support
  • ITR Filling Support
  • User Interactive Report
  • Yearly/Quarterly Review




  • Personalized Doubt - Solving Session (Whenever Needed)
  • Risk Profile Analysis
  • Portfolio Health Check-ups
  • Existing Insurance Policy Analysis
  • Personalized Financial Report
  • Yearly Review

Frequently asked questions

Financial Planning is the process of determining how can an individual/businesses will afford to achieve its strategic goals & objectives.

Personal Financial Planning considers an important aspect of individuals life i.e. Investment Journey, Cash-Flow Journey, Retirement Analysis, Preventive Measures (Insurance Planning), Family Journey (Estate Planning) and lastly, contribution to government & society via Tax & Donations (Tax Planning).

Every one of us wants to live a worry-free life. But due to the changing environment and our increasing needs, we need to work, eat, serve & live in society.

For that, we need money to spend (Spending Capital). 

With rising Inflation & less secured income flow, our such needs are becoming expensive thus, required to overcome such personal issues. And with proper planning of cash inflows & outflows can lead to a surplus in the Future. 

Therefore, we need a Financial Plan to track all our spending, savings, investments & future forecast income. Along with, planning for the smooth functioning of our responsibility towards family’s dependent members & society to whom we love.

Creating a Financial Plan needs professional support and guidance. And Financial Planning is a stringent process which involves strategic planning of Insurance, Investment, Retirement and Tax & Estate of Individuals.

Thus, it requires qualification, experience to create a Proper Financial Plan. At Investiture, Financial Plans are created & presented by Certified Financial Planner (CFP^CM).

Call the Advisor

is the service where an individual whether an employee, professional, self-employed, businessman or an artist who have questions related to Financial Decisions. And looking for answers on:

1. What is my risk profile? I have XXXX amount of funds, shall I invest in Mutual Funds?

2. I want to do SIP for 5 years. Is equity Mutual Funds are Good for investments?

3. I want to invest Rs. 3000 monthly in Equities Market? How do I invest? and

other similar alike questions.

We, at Investiture will assist you in making such small yet important decision worthy.

Financial Planning is for everyone but for those who can’t afford the advisor’s fee – looks for someone who can guide them. And they end-up with the commission agents or take wrong investment decisions

Therefore, to make it convenient for such individuals we decided to offer advise within their budget for their specific questions on Personal Finance. Just like a Doctor-Patient Relationship.

I-Financial Plan or Investiture – Financial Plan (Basic) is our special service for individuals, where our team will analyze their existing portfolio with a graphical representation of optimal solutions and recommendations on new Financial product/services. 

It is like a Portfolio Health Check-up.

Whereas, in Premium, we do Financial Planning for the clients by covering each aspect of the created Financial Plan. Here we put the Plan into Action, with timely updates.

There are very few Financial Planning Service Providers in India who understand the client’s need first, with respect to their goals.

It’s not just about creating a Financial Plan it’s about:

1. How much am I going to spend in the future? – Spending Capital (Cash-Flow Planning)

2. Do the existing investments are sufficient to fulfill my dream of buying a house/car, etc? – Goal Planning

3. Am I able to retire at the predetermined age or not? Do I able to acquire sufficient funds for my retirement? – Retirement Planning

4. Does my savings & future corpus will be sufficient for my family & successor? – Estate Planning

5. Am I paying extra taxes every year, even beyond the permissible Limit? -Tax Planning

6. Do I need to continue with my existing Insurance Policy or shall I also opt for a new one? – Insurance Planning

And many other questions, which we try to resolve with our statistical tools & analysis for you. After all, it about our Hard-Earned Money.

Creating a Financial Plan needs Strategic Thinking and you need Strategic Thinkers to Design the Effective Personal Financial Plan.

Either you are a Businessman, Employee, Professional, Artist, Celebrity, Blogger, Professor or in any other profession.

We understand your several concern for family, money, expenses, and income-flows. Therefore, we have created a robust system for each type of individuals who are in a different profession with several different needs to resolve. 

As a Friend to guide them towards the right path.

We believe and understands the importance of relationships. That’s why Client First is our Priority.


We love digitization, as it saves time and money. Therefore, You can pay us to us through secured mode via Bank Transfer/Google Pay/NEFT/UPI/PayPal.

Important Bank details will be shared to you via Digital Client Engagement Form, which we send it at the time of our engagement.


No, we don’t provide any kind of 3rd party Investment Platforms, but we provide guidance on – where you can Invest in and from which platform, if needed. (For which we don’t receive any commission – It is part of our Financial Planing Services).

We help you in the Preparation of Financial Plan to  Implementation of the Financial Plan.

We monitor, track and guide you where do you need assistance and what steps to take before making any important financial decisions of your life.


Our Yearly Plans aren’t too difficult. As we have already created your Financial Plan and needs to review the performances. Therefore, we reduced our cost to HALF of the First Year Annual Fees.

For Example: If a Financial Plan cost you ₹ 15,000/-. Then, your renewal Fees would be ₹ 7,500/- for 2nd Year onwards. 

From, 3rd Year onwards it will be increased to 10% of the renewal fees. (As of Inflation). 

Yes,  if it is within our geographical boundary i.e. Jaipur, Rajasthan.  In case, if there is a need for you to meet us in person then we can come to your place at an extra cost. 

Furthermore,  we are always available online for you via Telephone/Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp or to any other convenient mode. Just Feel Free to Ask us. 

Our clients say

"Really satisfied with the Services offered by Investiture. Haven't thought my portfolio was over-diversified. I was just keep investing in several Mutual Funds, Stocks like a novice. Thanks to Sanchit for relieving me from the big mess and also helping me in proper management of my assets & liabilities. "
Amit Sharma
Deputy Manager, Delhi