The Rise of Indian Stock Market

The Journey of Indian Stock Market

Leaving behind all the turbulence, our Indian Stock Market’s major Benchmark Index i.e. Sensex has finally reached its New Life High of 40k. Along with it, other popular Benchmark Indexes like Nifty 50, Bank Nifty, Nifty IT has also make its way to New High.

Below is the graphical video representation of S& P Sensex 30, Nifty 50 & other Sectoral Indexes which has outperformed the markets in last 17 years.

Thus, covering every company which plays a crucial part in development of the economy and in creating wealth to the investors.

Journey of Sensex to 40k

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensitive Index i.e. Sensex 30 which starts its journey on 1 April 1979, with 100 points as its base value and has reached to the level of 40k on 3 November 2019. Thus, embarking its journey with all the ups & downs of economic conditions from last 50 years. The above video represents the graphical presentation of Sensex 30 journey for last 17 years which includes the major volatile and changing events for the economy. 

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Nifty & Its Sectoral Indexes

Similar to the Sensex 30 top blue chip companies of Indian Stock Exchanges, CNX Nifty 50 has also embarked & sustained its new highs at 12k. Along with its Sectoral Indexes which has equally outperformed the market and builds wealth to the investors in the longer run.

B-Hrithik Stocks Outperformance

Behind the outperformance of the  benchmark indexes their are stocks which has participated in such wealth creation to the investors & their portfolio. To name them few, most expert today represent them as Bollywood’s Hrithik (B-Hrithik) Stocks. Stocks or Companies like Bajaj Finance, Hindustan Unilever, Reliance Industries Limited, Tata Consultancy Services, HDFC Group, ITC and Kotak Mahindra Bank. These companies, today has establish themselves as a Brand which given both the delightful Customer Service experiences and Valuable/Multi-Bagger Returns to the investors in terms of Product Consumption and Capital Investments i.e. has given absolute returns up to 99,000% in these 17 years.


Investments in Securities Market is not always Subject to Market Risk, if optimal investment decision is taken either with the help of self (DIY) research or with the help of the Right Financial Advisor. Thus, the Myth: Stock Market Investments is a very risky up to a certain extent i.e. if it is a short-term without proper research and knowledge about the company and its business working profile.

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