Quality Stocks with up to 120% rise in Quarterly Sales

Indian Stock Market currently at its high range but lots of quality stocks are still quoted at the 50% discounted from its high price.

 An opportunity which one could never miss. 

Lots of investor still thinks that buying at peak will not be a good investments decision but when it comes to individual stocks then the selection of any scrip should be based on its performance and peers. 
In the last year lots of stocks doesn’t even touch the benchmark returns but still posses the tendency to beat the market returns in the coming years. 

Stocks that can make you rich

Stocks like Reliance, HDFC, HDFC Bank, TCS, SBI, ICICI, Infosys, Kotak and others, are already on the top billboard but still there are bunch of stocks which has not yet perform.

Here’s the list of 15 stocks which could finance anyone’s Financial dream of buying a car, house or any short-term in the long-run thus, possess the tendency to generate multiple returns in the coming months or years. 

Note: All the stocks have been compared with its March Ending 2019 Quarterly performance to its preceding quarterly performances. Latest Quarterly (Q1 of Ending June 2019) results are yet to come.

Mishra Dhatu Nigam

A mini-ratna metals-based company, which posted 120% rise in their quarterly sales with increase in net profit from its preceding quarter. Stock is available at a PE of 17.25 with an EPS of Rs 6.97. Its yearly high & low ratio is below 2 which again makes it attractive with major promoter holding of government.

Suven Life Science

This pharmaceutical company has posted 96% rise in its quarterly sales and available at yearly high-low ratio at 1.85. With its major business in Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAM) to cater the needs of global life science companies. The company’s stock is currently trading at Rs.245.30 at a PE of 20.80, the stock has already given the return of up to 18% to the investors and getting ready to beat its competitor with achievement & performances.


A Navranta Blue Chip company of Government of India has an order book of around Rs. 75,000- Rs.80,000 Crore and already posted 44% rise in its quarterly sales. At present, this navranta is trading at a PE of 25.38 which is 1.71 below to its yearly high-low ratio. The stock has already given up to 19% returns to its investors and still possess the tendency to give another multiple return to its shareholders in the long-term.

Rupa & Company

One of the largest knitwear brands of India, popular for its thermals & innerwear has makes to the list of quality stocks with up to 39% rise in its quarterly profits and 27% Return on its capital employed has already gave investors returns up to 20%. And still the stock quotes at Rs.232 apiece which is available at almost 50% discount from its yearly high price.
Quality Stocks with up to 120% rise in quarterly sales

Besides, the rise in their march quarterly sales report of all the above 15 stocks, there are other stocks who has posted at least 14% rise in their march quarterly report and plays a very important role in the Nifty Index and in other sector indexes of the exchange.

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Stocks like Coal India, HDFC AMC (Mutual Fund), Avenue Supermart (D-Mart), Siemens, V-Guard, SBI Life Insurance and others are available at discounted price from its yearly high along with the minimum promoter holdings of 55%. In addition, these stocks are known for its dividends, low debt & stable growth with a minimum 15% of its profits invested back in the company for the benefits of their shareholders.

Quality Stocks with at least 14% rise in quarterly sales


It’s never been late/peak in the stock market to invest money for long-term. It is up to the investor’s research & selection of individual stocks when it comes to identifying wealth creator. All the above 30 stocks has an average market capitalization of at least Rs. 300 Crore with low debt – profit ratio i.e. below 2 and has already given returns up to 80% to investor in its previous year.

The key takeaway for investors is to regularly update their portfolio with the help and guidance of an expert or their Financial Advisor/Planner. As, there are more than 6000 companies traded daily in the stock market with each investor’s dream of making a big move.

Disclaimer: All the stocks suggested above is only for education purposes. It is neither an recommendation nor contains any kind of personal interest/holding of the author. Please consult with your Stock Broker or the Financial Planner before making any Investment decision.

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