Does this green is a bull?

We love to see our portfolio to be positive with a bull trend every time. But, in reality, it is a fantasy. Even big players like FIIs has seen the bear.

With a so-called good budget of 2016-17, Finance Minister Arun Jaitely has put a great impact on the incomes of farmers along with focusing on tenant people by increasing HRA deductions from ₹ 2000/pm to ₹ 5000/pm which is a pleasing step for individuals and youngsters who are out of their home places either for the job or further studies.
Besides, for corporates it’s not so pleasant because of increase in surcharge rate from 12% to 15% alongside an addition of new cess of 0.5% as agriculture cess on good/services consumed by end user are the major changes which affect the market to turmoil its directions with a bull or bear on either side on the budget day.
Further, with a focus on the banking sector and leaving the Long-term capital gain untouched moves the market emotions to bring back the bull with a speed of 3% on next day i.e. on 1st March after the budget day. In addition, 2% increase in the speed of bull in yesterday and today’s session start believing the investor that the bear rally has gone. But does it so.?
Does this green is really a bull or just an illusion of upcoming bigger bear?
As :
Firstly, Volatility in crude oil prices is not yet over.
Secondly, Euro banking debts crises which might soon affect our Indian market to face the bear.
Thirdly, Elections in America which directly or indirectly might affect our Indian Markets.
Fourthly, a hypothetical view that our Indian markets follow the 8-year economic cycle and 2016 is one of that cycle and other macroeconomic factors.

We can only hope market to be better with good returns to investors.


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