9 Key Lessons from Lord Ganesha

9 Lesson from Lord Ganesha

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Happy Ganesha Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha is said to the source of success for anyone who wishes and works hard for it. We always pray to him before starting any of our tasks.

When it comes to learning anything new, Lord Ganesha has shared lots of his knowledge and experience in his Techniques (14 Vidyas) and Art-Forms (64 Kalas), which can be successfully used & implemented by anyone in their financial life-journey, if follows consistently without any breaks.

We at Investiture has compiled some of the learnings from Lord Ganesha, for our Investors who are facing financial turmoils in their life.

9 Key Lessons from Lord Ganesha
Lord Ganesha

Ganesha’s Lessons

Here are the lessons which can be learned from Lord Ganesha, that can bring happiness, financial freedom, prosperity and strength to overcome obstacles from financial battles.

  • Focus on Important Financial Goals: The first and foremost lesson one can learn from Lord Ganesha is Focus, Just like Lord Ganesha did Pradakshina around his parents during the Goddesses race around the world. Just like him, one need to Focus on Self-Financial Goals, rather than focusing on Market Conditions and Outlook Reports.

How can a Financial Planner help you in attaining Financial Freedom?

  • Uniting Investments: To achieve anything in life, unity among different types of people, and several other things are a must need to create a balance between them. Similarly, to achieve Financial Goals in life, one needs to not only make an investment in any particular financial instruments but to diversify their portfolio in such a way that it helps in achieving Financial Objective.
  • Follow Risk Appetite: Knowing your Risk Appetite is more important than knowing the Top Performing mutual funds, out-performing stocks, or any other financial instruments, etc. Sticking to one’s competence like Lord Ganesha during the thrice circumnavigation of the Universe brings wealth.
  • Knowledge: Enhance the knowledge of your Personal Finance Discrepancies rather than to any particular stock/mutual funds/bonds. Financial Education is a key breath of Financial Freedom.
  • Quality: Not getting lure by any kind of Ponzi or Guaranteeing maximum return scheme, develops quality in the portfolio. Thus, saving time and money by making our Investment Decision Efficient and Effective.
  • Be Strategic:  Don’t hope for the existing long-term loss-making holdings to turn-around. Be strategic with your Financial Goals and focus on strategies which can let to achieve your Financial Dreams early in life.
  • Trust: Trusting & Listening to a Financial Planner/Advisor plays an important role for Financial Freedom as every expert doesn’t have the same mindset and purpose at the time of distributing/promoting any financial product/service(s).Thus, professional with the robust academic background & supportive nature, root the foundation of trust in their performance and commitment towards our goal which leads to efficient Asset Allocation strategies.
  • Have Patience: Reading daily market updates and Checking Portfolio brings nothing but tension. Stay Invested for long-term and have the patience for your portfolio basket.
  • And last but not least, Differentiate your investment strategy between short-term and long-term investment. And if the strategy says for long-term then stick to it.

Don’t change your Financial Strategies without consulting your Financial Planner.

Money only works for you when the investments are handled by the professionals.
The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it…