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Leading global strategy and operations consulting with particular expertise in bench marking, best practices implementation, and business transformation, across all back-office functions including finance, human resources, procurement, legal and IT.

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Business Process Ranking For MSME

Rank your Business on the basis of your past, present and future performance. 

Innovator Process Ranking for Start-ups

Rank your Start-Ups to the new heights with its valuation and performance.

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RIsk Analysis

Our team analyse, share the operational risks of the organisation with management and try to meet the challenges in the best possible way.

Organisational Effectiveness

With world-class operating methods at exceptional levels of efficiency and effectiveness, our finance consulting services maximizes the performance of finance processes while reducing the costs.

Managment Consulting

We help in removing the middle management gap and keep a bird eye on the management practices and provide timely feedback/suggestions for the improvement.

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Finance Strategy

We check the financial health of the organisation and make management aware with the forthcoming financial challenges.

Quarterly Audits

We conducts quarterly audits to keep organisation on the growth path and reduces the chances of deviation.

Monthly Feedback

We will provide monthly feedback to the Start up analyzing the business growth.


We understands the load on an organisation with all such formalities and documentations. To keep you focus on business and devote as much as your time in growing organisation, we provide services to cater all your compliance needs.

Employee Training

We analyse the skill set required for the organisation and conduct quarterly workshops imparting same to the employees.

Featured Ranking

We provide a hand holding plan to achieve the desired goals and provide a Business Process Ranking (BPR) ranking of the organisation after implementing desired processes. The ranking is featured on our official website and other online platforms, making it a global presence.

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