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When it comes to business, expenses plays a vital role. And the employees are one of the major backbones of such expenses who can either be our liability or an asset. As per the research shows, most employees leaves their job within 2-5 years for better career opportunities or other personal reasons.

Due to which most businesses has to bear the expenses of hiring & training the new employees on regular basis, costing him extra time & efforts. We at Investiture, understand your such issues and the (monetary & non-monetary) losses associated with it. Similarly, for the Financial Advisors, it is also one of the major concerns when it comes to handling & sharing their personal clients with the employees.

To resolve such issues for the financial advisors without disturbing their quality of work, here’s comes the virtual paraplanner for you.

We at Investiture, value your business operations & the targets associated with it. Therefore, to make the business operations smooth & long lasting, we provide financial advisors, remote services so that the focus can be more on to the clients while leaving all kinds of back-end work to us.

Making your business dreams come successful with the team who are dedicated to the common organizational goal.

It’s not about how many employees you have, it’s about how many will sustain with your business goal. 

Why Us?

Investiture is a Latin American word which means “action of formally investing in a person with honors; the formal promotion of a person to an office or rank”

Hindi Translation: प्रतिष्ठापन/उद्घाटन

Therefore, at Investiture your dreams & preferences are as important as your Business Goal which needs a team of professionals to manage and can understand the value of the services provided to the clients with efficiency in workings & effectiveness in delivery.

For us, every client is our business partner who needs a right kind to team members to expand their business without compromising on the quality of services at the reasonable cost.

Our Mission & Vision

  • To help Financial Planners focus on more on their Clients & Less on Operations and;
  • To Promote Financial Literacy among Individual & group of Individuals
  • To build sustainable & diversifiable business across the globe


Experienced Virtual Paraplanner

Outsource the work to Remote Paraplanner and Focus more on Clients.

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Sanchit Taksali,CFP^CM

Financial Enthusiast with 5 years of experience in the field of Financial Markets and still learning more. Sharing the knowledge through webinars, college sessions & corporate awareness programs. As a hobby of learning & trying new things, the adventure is always in hiking.


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