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Indians are known for their saving habits and yet they’re spending almost 65% of their savings on household and other expenses. With the changing environment,  the need for money & adapting to new technology, product/service(s) is also spreading like a virus which leads to the reducing trend of savings as compare to spending. Earlier ancestral used to save more and spend less (or spend only on item(s) which they required) which helps them in funding their old age period & surpluses for their successors.

Besides with the change, the emerging needs for investments into new financial product/service(s) are also changing & increasing. Thus, leading to the rise in conflict of interest, transparency, and confidentiality. Causing investment decision mistakes among the individual investors. Therefore, the need for guiding towards the selection of right financial product/service(s) with unbiasedness is required. And with the goal towards saving more as a habit & the guide to the path of financial freedom, we at Investiture are there for you, to value your investment as a reliable Financial Friend. 

Investiture is a Latin American word means “action of formally investing in a person with honors; the formal promotion of a person to an office or rank”

Hindi Translation: प्रतिष्ठापन/उद्घाटन

Thus, we at Investiture honors each of our client’s dream & preferences as their Personal Financial Planner.

Identify your Future Spending Capital with the help of our Personalized Financial Plan

Learn online the concept of Financial Market with the help of our Expert.

Unlock/Find your forgotten Investments/Financial Assets. Make Assets Liquid from illiquid.

Experienced Virtual Paraplanner

Outsource the Financial Planning work to Remote Paraplanner and Focus more on Clients.

Business Ranking

Know the Performance of your Business

"Really satisfied with the Financial Planning Services. Haven't thought my portfolio was over-diversified. I was just keep investing in several Mutual Funds like a novice. Thanks to Sanchit for relieving me from such big mess and also guiding me towards proper management of my assets & liabilities. "
Amit Sharma
Deputy Manager, Delhi

Our Mission

To provide Customized  and Optimal Fee-Only Financial Plan to the clients

To promote/enrich the knowledge of Financial Literacy to our clients while working with them towards the path of financial freedom/independence and;

To help individuals in making their Physical Assets into Liquid Assets.

Our Vision

To reach as many as Individuals/Advisers through:


Sustainable Growth and;

Client Satisfaction


Learn the basics of Financial Market from our webinars which we keep on publishing either on Investing.com or on YouTube Channel (Recorded).

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